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Making Flower Pompoms with used brushes

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Pompons fleurs avec de vieux pinceaux

25/04/2016 – This DIY is very quick and easy. In this post, I invite you to transform old paint brushes into Alliums. Beautiful flowers, well known for their highly decorative flower spike.

This Spring, I’d like to give a new life to my used brushes and a touch of colour to the studio. Enjoy the idea in the following article!


Materials :

materiel confection pompon artiste laine

Method – Step by Step

1/ How to make a yarn Pompom?

  • I know a trick lot faster to make several pompoms at once! Saving time, it’s magic! There’s no need any more for round cardboard.
  • Take the wool and an easel (or chair legs). Wrap the yarn around the two bars. with many layers to gain enough thickness.

pompon facile a faire laine


  • Place all items on a table. They already have the look of pompoms!

fleurs pompon laine ciseaux

NOTICE: For some pompoms a small adjustment is needed with scissors.

pompon verts laine

Here, the small pompoms are nice round. They are finished!

pompons pinceaux vieux peintre

2/ How to make the flower?

  • Take a used brush. Push the brush head into the pompom’s centre by distributing the wool yarns on each side.
  • To fasten, use 2 strands of wire roll. Wrap them around the body of the brush by squeezing hard. Make a spiral collar.

And now it’s finished. Just make the same thing for the other brushes !!


3/ The result:

Here are some pictures that give you a glimpse of my old brushes.

making pompom wool brushes

TIP: To give a little more natural side to the bunch of alliums, I added some yellow pompoms held by a wire roll (more rigid) for the whole body.

pompons laine allium fleurs diy

Brushes that look like alliums. The transformation has a lot of charm !


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