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Matisse Derivan Acrylic Paints

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Peintures Acryliques Matisse

20/03/2017 – I love colours, I love paint, I am a huge fan of the artist Henri Matisse and when I found a range of acrylic paints with the same name of my favorite painter.

I was intrigued. I recently had the opportunity to trial the Matisse Structure acrylics  from Australia. I must say I really loved the range I would like to share with you.

Once upon a time Matisse by Derivan:

Matisse Structure Formula is a range of acrylic paint created by the Australian brand Derivan. Founded in the early 1960s, this family-run company is committed to providing environmentally-friendly and quality paint. Derivan has the reputation of being close to its employees and being very attentive to the artists. It is therefore natural that the company will create an acrylic paint corresponding to their expectations.

Why Matisse ?

Simply because this acrylic paint choose the best pigments, the colours are intense, and it allows the most daring techniques. An employee of Derivan then suggests the name of MATISSE in reference to the famous French painter: Henri Matisse (1869-1954).

Henri Matisse and Painting  « Odalisque », Oil on canvas

Matisse Structure acrylic colours are suitable for thick and textured applications. By diluting them we can work very easily watercolour effects.

The range is versatile. It is fully compatible with mediums that make it possible to transform its texture by modifying more or less brilliance and working time.

key features:

  • Brand DERIVAN « Made in Australia »
  • 98 available colours (with metallic colours) in opaque, semi-opaque or transparent colours depending on the pigment used.
  • Water-based, water-soluble, contain no solvent, odourless
  • Available in tubes or jars
  • Soft paint, medium viscosity, highly pigmented
  • Each colour in the range have the highest lightfastness rating of ASTM I or II and are archival quality
  • Perfect for beginners or professional artists
  • Easy to use brush or palette knife, impasto, watercolour effects or mixed techniques
  • Useful for large areas or murals

At my Studio:

My TIP| Tubes Set:

To see the colours more easily as usual I applied paint on tube caps and cut the box to turn it into a colour bandolier (picture just below).

Matisse contact:

Matisse Structure is available for sale in Australian, United States, and in Europe

« James » 50x50cm, acrylic painting on canvas

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