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My Top 10 Favourite I LOVE ART

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Mon Top 10: I LOVE ART

09/02/2018 – If I say « I LOVE ART », what do you think of?

Some will say to me: « The cry of the heart coming from the passion for creation« . This is not wrong, I belong to this category of artists as well.

Others will answer me: « A range of fine art products, good quality, at very attractive prices« . And here you are still right! Easels, oil, acrylic, brushes, the I LOVE ART range is full of fine art products to satisfy all our creative minds! Do you know it?

You want to say loudly that you love art ? That’s good!




If you feel the need to create, use the right equipment and if you have a small budget, the I LOVE ART brand will satisfy you with many products.

Like the fashionistas who like to get “must-haves” in their dressing room, artists also have the need for basic tools in their studio! Here are my favourites!


1  Acrylic Paint

Studio paint » (available in a tube or bottle) with a generous consistency, that is soluble in water, distinguished by its opacity and has excellent resistance to light. Very versatile, this acrylic paint is suitable for all techniques, collages and impastos.

  • NOTE: Offering a satin finish on drying, acrylic paint can be used with brush or a painting knife on a variety of surfaces such as paper, canvas, cardboard, wood and so on.


2  Synthetic Mongoose Brushes

Yes, it’s true, I collect the Mongoose brushes abundantly in my studio! Their high-quality synthetic fibre (soft with high elasticity) offers precision, good paint receptivity and extraordinary  stability, they are available in several tips (flat, round, or filbert).

The brush, long and ergonomic, remains recognizable by its black and white handle (with black, lacquered, seamless ferrule). The hairs are gray-brown-white with a darker tip. I find them pretty beautiful, don’t you?

  • NOTE: Great brushes that react quite well with acrylic, and gouache but also oil. Their hair remains in place, it’s a real pleasure to work with them!


3❤  Painting Knife

I’m too happy to have bought a second set of painting knives, this one is brand new, so beautiful for pictures! Stainless steel blade, beech wood handle, 5 sizes of blades 3.5 to 6.5 cm. These painting knives are available in a set.

  • NOTE: For all techniques where the paint remains thick (acrylic paint or oil) but also to work reliefs with gels, modelling paste or gesso.


4 Linen Canvases

Stretched linen canvas – 100% linen canvas, 400 gsm (medium grain) stapled to the back of the frame. Ready to use, this kind of canvas already has 4 layers of white universal primer, that is less absorbent to bring out the beautiful grain of linen.

The frame is made of natural pine (profile 17 x 38 mm). Each canvas is delivered with wooden wedges for tightening.

  • NOTE: Linen retains good tension over time and is more pleasant than cotton when working on it. On linen, you can try everything: oil, acrylic, gouache, and collage.


5 Ecological Brush Cleaner

Low odour, non-inflammable, does not stain and is biodegradable. This eco-friendly cleaner (1-litre bottle) effectively cleans brushes, knives, and spatulas while removing oil and acrylic residue in a safe and gentle way.

  • NOTE: Suspend your brush heads in the solution for a few minutes or up to an hour depending on the thickness of the paint residue. It can be diluted with water and its effectiveness can be increased by gentle heating. Dissolved paint can be removed with a cloth.


6 Tear-Off Palettes

Available in 2 sizes (25×30 cm and 30×40 cm), the tear-off palettes contain 40 sheets of an 80gsm non-absorbent plasticized paper suitable for colour mixing with oil paint, gouache and acrylic. Each sheet is fully detachable and disposable.

  • NOTE: Its oval shape is inspired by traditional wooden palettes, and even has a thumb hole. It’s ideal for holding in the hand.


7 Watercolour Pocket Box

Compact, solid, beautifully small (6.5 x 9 cm) and in demand for travels. The mini watercolour set fits everywhere, in all pockets or all handbags. It’s so cute, I could not resist!

  • NOTE: 8 half pans of watercolour (high pigmentation) grouped in a metal box and accompanied by a mini size natural hair brush.


8 Watercolour Paper Pad

The paper pad to have on hand when we start watercolour! This pad of 12 sheets of paper (glued 1 side) is available in different formats.

100% cellulose paper, fine grain, 300 gsm, and made without acid or optical brighteners (giving it good resistance to light and aging).

  • NOTE: Ideal for watercolour painting but also acrylic, ink, gouache and all dry techniques such as graphite pencils, charcoal and pastel.


9 Storage Box

With its 2 cantilever trays and its ingenious « toolbox » style, this practical storage box allows you to transport and keep all your drawing and painting materials to hand. Did I tell you that I was Madame Storage Boxes? Now you know that !

  • NOTE: Available in black and red, I have a preference for the transparent plastic box that allows a better visualization of the material from the outside. Boxes sold empty.


10 Twin Markers

Ideal for sketching, drawing and illustration, these alcohol-based markers feature a double tip (1 fine point 1mm and 1 chisel tip 2-6mm). They are available individually or in a set. The range includes 80 colours + 1 felt Blender (P / N 44790121). Very easy to use and fast drying.

  • NOTE: I advise you to use « special marker » paper or smooth coated paper which remains by far the best for blends and gradients, the intensity of the colours and above all it is less absorbent than a photocopy or grain paper.


Where do you find this brand?

The full range I LOVE ART (click here) is currently available at GreatArt Online and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch or delivered to your home.


DISCLAIMER : Cet article est une collaboration sponsorisée. Je fais partie des artistes référents qui utilisent le matériel proposé par Le Géant Des Beaux-Arts – France, et GreatArt – United Kingdom. Vous venez de lire mon article issu de cette collaboration. Au risque de me répéter, sachez que j’apprécie les marques distribuées par ce partenaire depuis des années, et que je suis convaincue de la qualité du matériel destiné aux artistes et aux personnes créatives. Même si cela paraît logique, je précise que je suis LIBRE sur la thématique et le choix des produits mis en avant, LIBRE sur le contenu, LIBRE de donner mon VÉRITABLE avis, et c’est également pour cette raison que ce partenariat est important car je peux proposer régulièrement du contenu frais et de qualité.

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