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Working in acrylic paint on canvases, Amylee creates colorful portraits of women. She uses enough color to paint a 3d rainbow.

One glance at the Parisian artist Amylee’s fashion paintings, and you are sure to crack a smile. This artist is inspired by women’s beauty and driven to paint spellbinding imagery.

Several years of experience within the design industry and fashion agency, have fueled her ambition and her passion to produce visually stunning works.

Amylee is known for her captivating portraitures…

By mixing with textiles patterns, she effectively combines, repeats elements of pop culture and Art deco with literal pieces of the fashion world.

Amazing bunches of flowers, Amylee’s acrylic artworks are a blend of traditions, reflecting the roguishness of Pop Art and figurative art. Each one of her models come to life in a magically confident, yet approachable manner.

Through a glam spirit and enchanting eyes, Amylee’s paintings tell a story of enticing intent and poesy.

Inspired by fashion shows, Amylee began to paint seriously in Paris in 2008, which also resulted in her first sales as an artist.

The artist’s artwork has been exhibited in many galleries shows and Art fairs in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York (Galleries Neel and Artered ).

– English text by Lizzy Ann “Amylee, full-time artist”, 01-2012


Check out Amylee’s artwork on :

Portfolio –  Facebook Fan page – Twitter @the_artygirl

Instagram @the_artygirl – Pinterest Amylee Paris – Amylee’s YouTube

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