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Orange Blossom

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Au pays de la fleur d’oranger

I’m often being asked about the organization of my days, my habits and small artistic fads. Some people would even be here watching me painting and enjoy the life at my atelier.

I can’t invite everyone to spend a day with me but I can nonetheless reveal some of my secrets…


Ritual in the morning is the same. The fresh morning air! Regenerating! Inspiring! Whatever the weather’s like, I always open the windows to get vitality through the air and breathe. And sometimes I choose to share this new air with the smell of a delicate candle.

Of course I have to take of the household, and I do it… while my studio is filled in with the new smell of a candle. And as soon as I get back into my studio, a tea cup in hand, I can feel the happiness for me to paint in a room where all these subtle fragrance notes are smelling. Who would not want to get to work in such conditions?

About :

I am especially fond of candles; mostly natural ones. Currently, my artist space lives with the  fragrance “Orange Blossom” made by the company “Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger”, a fragrance and perfumes brand I particularly like, and you’ll have to get it you don’t know it.


I admit I have a mild obsession with orange blossom based fragrances. A flower known for its soft and soothing. If you’re curious, this is the bitter orange extract also called Neroli in perfumery for creating this enchanting fragrance. But for me this perfume is my “madeleine de Proust”. Memories inevitably rise, and I remember me as a child in Nîmes cooking and baking with my grandmother. She prepared the mouna I love flavored with orange blossom water of course….


AU pays de la fleur d’oranger :

This is primarily a legacy. They are homemade producers passionated by nature, lovers of art and flowers. A family based in the French Riviera who enjoys working with local partners (perfumers, laboratories, soap makers). Brand that uses communication I can recognize me into : colours, flowers, women, romance and poetry …

jasmin-fleurs-blanc Perfumes :

Purple, pink, lemon flower, iris, jasmine, lavender, fig and orange blossom … Fresh, sweet , woody, floral, all the perfumes are elegant and attractive. Haute Parfumerie !


 Home and Body :

Alongside the candles, “Au pays de la Fleur d’Oranger” also offers soaps, massage oils, skin creams, shampoos, lotions or shower gels… A world of well-being subtly perfumed with the smells of  Provence .


Must-have :

In the Neroli Blanc collection, Néroli Oud and Eau de Madeleine perfumes are the new products. Eau de Madeleine is sensual and exotic tinged with notes of vanilla, incense, and citrus. To be on the shopping list.




In my atelier, I have “Orange Blossom” candle. For The ManagUer, in his kitchen, I offered “Orange Blossom” (in spray) which he uses often and with great happiness after cooking.

NOTE: Before going to sleep, I recommend lavender with “Brume d’oreiller” (spray). It is delicate, light, relaxing and perfect for sweet dreams.


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