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Liquid Pencil by DERIVAN

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La Peinture Graphite Derivan

10/05/2017 – Derivan Liquid Pencil is a very original graphite range. I knew watercolour graphite pencils but did you know about watersoluble graphite pencils?

Unlike ordinary graphites packaged in wooden sticks, the Derivan range offers tubes and jars. The liquid graphite has been formulated to be easily thinned with water and it’s softbody as watercolour paints and you can use it with a brush or pen nib.

I had the great opportunity to test the set of 12 tubes containing 6 permanent and 6 rewettable shades, I explain  to you just below.

How to use liquid pencil?

Derivan Liquid Pencil (DLP) is a water-based product mixed with non-toxic carbon (natural graphite powder) dispersed in an acrylic polymer emulsion. If we look at what comes out of the tube, we see the fine grains which constitute the powder. In use, the powder disperses evenly on the paper and the result is pretty bluffing it looks like a pencil drawing with amazing effects.

Key features:

  • Range of 6 shades of greys: Yellow (pulling towards the green), Blue, 2 Grey, Red and Sepia (warm grey)
  • Available in 2 formula : permanent and rewettable graphite with water or eraser
  • Works with brush, fountain pen and water.
  • Compatible with ordinary graphite pencils
  • Like the graphite pencil, DLP can be used on water-based paper, cardboard, canvas or pre-painted wood.
  • Quick drying according to water added
  • Satin graphite finish
  • Easy cleaning with water.



  • Liquid Pencil set (permanent and rewettable colours)
  • watercolour paper
  • a palette for mixing colours and water (jar lids is a good tip)
  • water to wash and dilute
  • brushes (I prefer refillable brushes for easy use)
  • cleaning paper roll
  • an eraser, a stump

Results on paper:

With Derivan graphite, you can make fast sketches, shaded effects, beautiful and large textured surfaces.

It is important to note that graphite “painting” is not like watercolor painting. Less fine than pigment, graphite reacts differently. It is also not a graphite pencil because graphite “paint” offers random effects that a pencil cannot produce, the pencil allows more detail and precision.

If you do not completely mix the water and DLP, you can get unequal wash. If compared with watercolour, it is much easier to create unequal wash with liquid pencil DERIVAN.


  • Replace the cap to the tube after using Liquid Pencil to avoid graphite drying in the tube.
  • Once dry on paper, graphite is not totally resistant to friction. Protect it (using a crystal sheet or an aerosol fixative) for a better conservation.


  • Instead of a brush, you can wet the tip of a stump to rework the rewettable graphite.
  • To clean permanent graphite stains on the surface of your workspace (plastic, painted wood and smooth surfaces) apply a dab of toothpaste, rub lightly and wash with a sponge. Magic!

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