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15 Artists’ Mixing Palettes For Your Studio

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15 Modèles de Palettes d’Artiste

22/06/2017 – Oval, round, rectangular or flower-shaped, the palette adapts to the needs of the artists.

This subject interested me, so I listed for you the main models of palettes found in studios. And if you still do not find a palette on your arm, I’m sure this article will help you make your next choice!


The 2 big families

There are two families of artists’ mixing palettes:

  • Flat, thin, light palettes to keep in the hand – They are easy to holdwith a grip and thumb hole and they are used for thick paints that do not flow (Heavy Body or Soft Body).
  • With compartments or cups – These models are mostly used with liquid or fluid paints, and prefer to be placed on flat, level surfaces.


1 / The wooden palette

Fully flat and extremely light, the “traditional” palette is often made of beech plywood, oiled. For a better grip, a hole and a handle are often incorporated into the design.

CLEANING: Not really easy. Paint will often cling to wood. To make it easier to clean the palette, cover it with a transparent plastic wrap or insert it into a clear plastic sleeve (or instead of plastic, try wax paper held by some binder clips). When the palette becomes too full of colour, simply replace the plastic wrap!

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2 / The plastic palette

Usually made of white PVC, and available with separate wells, this cheap palette exists in all shapes and is ideal for use with soft or fluid paints: acrylic painting, gouache, watercolour…

CLEANING: Easy. Soak the palette in soapy hot water and use a soft sponge to remove paint.

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3/ The Plexiglass Palette

This transparent, flat, light yet solid plastic palette is often used for thick paints.

CLEANING: Easy. Soak the palette in hot water and use a soft sponge to remove paint.

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4 / The Porcelain Palette

Generally with separate wells to place colours, this palette is perfect for all kind of painting techniques which involve diluting with water.

CLEANING: Easy. Soapy water or solvents. Handle with care to avoid chipping the porcelain.

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5 / The Metal Palette

Made of aluminum or stainless steel, left natural or painted white, this palette is ideal for school children because it is unbreakable.

CLEANING: Easy. Hot water + soap.

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6 / The Folding Palette

Lightweight and easy to carry, this palette has interior wells allowing you to place colours, as well as hinges to open and close it. On some models, a thumbhole  is even provided. It is perfect for flowing paints such as tempera, watercolour or gouache.

CLEANING: Soak the palette in hot water to help clean all the corners of the separate wells.

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7 / The Block “Tear-Off” Palette

A block of removable sheets made of specially coated, non-absorbent paper. The sheets are secured and will not come loose while you work. For optimal support, the back of the block is made of rigid cardboard with a thumbhole so they can be held conventionally whilst painting. Suitable for both paints with high viscosity and soft paints.

CLEANING:  No cleaning. Just change the paper sheet to use another one.

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8 / The Stay Wet Palette

The Stay Wet Palette Refill Packs contain 3 sheets of reservoir paper and 12 sheets of semi-permeable membrane.

Pour water onto the membrane paper in the reservoir, cover the paper sheet and keep it in the refrigerator. This palette guarantees fresh paint for several days.

CLEANING:  No cleaning. Just change the paper sheet and use another one.

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9 / The Box Palette

Thick, sturdy and plastic, this palette has many deep compartments, and a tight fitting lid which seals each compartment so the paints do not spill in transit or dry out. Ideal for diluted techniques such as watercolour, tempera or inks. Avoid working with heavy body paints on this kind of palette, the paints clog the compartments and make them unusable very quickly.

CLEANING: Soak the palette in hot water to clean all the compartment corners.

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10 / The Plastic “Peel-Off” Palette

Specially coated, this plastic palette allows acrylic paint to be removed just like a sticker (available in different shapes).

CLEANING: Easy. Peel off with your fingers or (faster) with hot water and a soft sponge. Do not scratch the surface of the palette to keep its “Peel-Off” power.

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11 / The Cup Palette

This palette includes a tray (wood or plastic) and normally removable cups (plastic, glass or metal). Cups with lids are very convenient to keep the mixes. This palette is more suitable for liquid paints.

CLEANING: Easy. Hot Water + soap or solvents. It depends on the media you are using.

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12 / The Glass Mixing Palette

Rectangular-shaped palette very thick, in heavy glass, to put on a table – This palette is a great for artists using a paint knife or a wide brush. Its extremely smooth surface allows the most audacious mixes.

CLEANING: Easy. Very effective cleaning by scraping glass with a metal scraper. The glass plate does not scratch, and is very resistant to solvents.

13 / The Plate Palette

Available in 2 versions (plastic coated or plastic), the very light round dish used for outdoor dining is the delight of artists practicing the art of Recycling.

CLEANING:  No cleaning. Throw the plate away when it becomes too heavy or when it bends under the weight of the paint.

14 / The Tray Palette

A plastic kitchen tray with a raised edge. Whether used or bought at a low price, this type of tray is easily recycled as an artist’s palette, and remains very practical for mixing colours.

CLEANING: No cleaning unless you want to keep it.

15 / The Anti-Waste Palette

If you like recycling, this last kind of palette will certainly please you. Anything can be used as a palette with a bit of imagination: a lid made of plastic or metal, a sufficiently rigid takeaway container, an old plastic placemat, the tray of an old microwave oven… All good ideas are allowed in the studio!


Personally, I like the artist’s palette. I prefer it in wood. Sometimes I display some of them in my home, as the avalanche of colours reveals the emotions or memories of paintings to me.

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