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A Colouring Pad For Adults: The Design Home Book

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Coloriage Adulte: Design Home Book

10/07/2017 – Do you like to play with colours, make simple creations and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation? Have you tried use a Colouring Book for adults?

A solution that gives you a creative way to let go and some effective entertainment!


Once Upon A Time

When I was a child, I was in love with colouring books, and I was quite difficult in my choice of illustrations. I particularly liked the pictures of Sarah Kay or Gallarda.


With practice, my arts studies and now as a working artist, one can say that my paintings are an improved evolution of the colouring books of my childhood. Nevertheless, I sometimes plunge back into a classical colouring book if the pictures take my fancy.

With the new wave of colouring books for adults, we are often presented with mandalas. Personally, I prefer characters, animals or flowers. More recently I fell in love with the Design Home Book by Clairefontaine, and the pencil stroke of Ludovic Jacqz has literally seduced me!

Colouring Pad by Clairefontaine

Clairefontaine offers beautiful colouring pads for adults who are passionate about creation, colour and decoration.

The Design Home Book range is ready to colour with markers, coloured pencils and paint (water-based).

This range is printed on a thick paper, and available in themes of several topics. I’ve found 3 favourites: Boston (female portraits obviously), Flowers and Versailles.

Collection 2017 : Design Home Book – Clairefontaine

Colouring Pads for Adults – Soothing virtues

  • easy activity (for all ages)
  • comfortable concept (follow the lines – or not – and find your own relaxing way)
  • moments of pure pleasure (having fun with colours)
  • personal appeasement (finding oneself at peace)
  • meditation and mindfullness (focus only on colours and subject)
  • handmade creation (make artsy stuff)

A light or dark gray line makes it easy to see the picture.


Colouring Pads for Adults – Home Design Range


Find all these products at GreatArt Online or in their art supply shop in London Shoreditch.


My Colouring Pads in my Studio

Coloured pencils, markers and fluid paint mix easily. The paper is quite thick to prevent the ink from staining the bottom sheet, and this paper keeps its shape after using watercolour.

Design Home Book “Flowers” (21x30cm)

Design Home Book “Boston” (40x30cm)

Design Home Book “Versailles” (17x13cm)

NOTICE: The paper pad is not specially developed for watercolour, I advise you not to carry out the whole colouring in this technique to avoid unsightly effects with the paper.


Great To Know

  • For those who prefer colouring and not drawing.
  • The design is large enough to play with paint.
  • If necessary you can get inspired with some colouring examples inside the pad.
  • Do not think of anything other than your gesture and your colours when you fill the shape.
  • Look for the overall harmony of the subject instead of working on each item separately.
  • Use a protective paper sheet to avoid staining with your colouring with your hand.
  • On the back of the paper do not forget to mention the name of the designer and yours.
  • Once completed, the pictures can be framed and displayed.
  • 2 copies of each design allow you to create great decorations

At the back to my paper sheet, I write: Design/ Ludovic Jacqz – Colour/Amylee.



DISCLAIMER : cet article est une collaboration sponsorisée. Je fais partie des artistes référents qui utilisent le matériel proposé par Le Géant Des Beaux-Arts – France et GreatArt – United Kingdom. Vous venez de lire mon article issu de cette collaboration. Au risque de me répéter, sachez que j’apprécie les marques distribuées par ce partenaire depuis des années, et que je suis convaincue de la qualité du matériel destiné aux artistes et aux personnes créatives. Même si cela paraît logique, je précise que je suis LIBRE sur la thématique et le choix des produits mis en avant, LIBRE sur le contenu, LIBRE de donner mon VÉRITABLE avis, et c’est également pour cette raison que ce partenariat est important car je peux donner libre cours à mon imagination et ainsi proposer du contenu frais et de qualité. 

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