My 10 ways to ‘Wake Up’ my Creativity

Mes 10 antisèches pour Réveiller ma Créativité

16/10/2017 – Everyone can be creative, whether it’s painting, knitting, making photos or jams, or designing a new organisation chart. Using our creativity, we enrich our daily life, find solutions and express ourselves differently.

Is your creativity currently failing you? Do not panic; you just need a few stimuli to restart the process!

Here are the 10 ways I revitalize my creativity. I am sure you already know some of them, but if not, this article will give you some ideas to apply.


1 / I reorganize my workspace

  • I organize with a good cleaning, tidying and labelling. I keep only the essentials.
  • I set up a welcoming, comforting and above all functional studio

e.g. : Square boxes, archive boxes, and tubes are very useful for functional storage.


2 / I carry a small notebook everywhere

  • I write lists of ideas.
  • I write and draw what passes through my mind

e.g. : A nice notebook and a ballpoint pen to go everywhere with me.


3 / I feed my curiosity

  • I discover new music or new places. I read a lot.
  • I am interested in creative and inspiring people, I read their biographies.

e.g. : Books are available in GreatArt London Shoreditch. Did you know that?


4 / I get my body moving

  • I walk in a park or elsewhere. I exercise my whole body regularly to increase my energy.
  • It is often when walking that ideas flock and I note them so I don’t forget!

e.g.: The tote bag is my friend when I find myself without any pockets.


5 / I plan my activities

  • I organize my weekly or monthly schedule (exhibitions to prepare, business cards to print, appointments not to forget).
  • I respect dates and information noted. I highlight when a mission is finished to identify the things to do.

e.g. : Zap books and spiral notebooks are perfect for A4 “home-made” diaries.


6 / I take time to relax

  • I limit the time in front of screens to avoid their stimulation effects.
  • I sing in the shower, I dream, I paint, I meditate.

e.g. : Flowers scattered to surround. A candle to help focus.


7 / I create again and again

  • I allow myself mistakes and I do not give up.
  • I have a lot of fun immersing myself in the pleasure of creating!

e.g: I erase and start again as much as I want ! The magic of graphite pencils.


8 / I open my appetite

  • I stroll in my favorite shops. The abundance of materials increases my creative cravings.
  • Envy encourages motivation and opens the door to new ideas.

e.g: Shelves filled with paint and blank canvases ... Welcome to the paradise for creative people


9 / I start with blue

  • I often draw with a ballpoint pen with blue ink.
  • A colour that inspires me and removes any blockage. Have you ever tried?

e.g.: It’s always easier when you see life in blue!


10 / I show my paintings

  • I exhibit my artworks on the internet and in galleries which causes in me a slight surge of adrenaline. Nothing like it to feel alive!
  • By unveiling my creations to an audience, I cut this link between the artist and the creation. In creative detachment, the artist let it go new thoughts and creativity as well.


e.g.: For an amazing opening in gallery, don’t forget to have a portfolio to present your art and some frames to dress up each painting.

These products are currently available at GreatArt Online  and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch or delivered to your home.


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